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You are invited to submit papers – in Hebrew or English – for Volume 26 (2024) of the NAPH peer-reviewed journal, Hebrew Higher Education. We publish articles on the teaching of Hebrew as a second/foreign language and of biblical Hebrew, as well as articles of interest to practitioners in Hebrew higher education in the fields of Hebrew language and linguistics, Hebrew literature and culture, Israeli film, theater and media, and technology in the Hebrew classroom. Articles based on conference talks in these areas are welcome. Also welcome are reviews of new books in your area(s) of scholarly expertise and brief reports on professional conferences and workshops you organized or participated in. Articles and reviews that have been published previously or that have already been scheduled for publication elsewhere, in print or online, cannot be accepted. Hebrew Higher Education is on a “rolling publication” schedule, whereby articles, book reviews and conference reports appear online on the journal site over the course of the year and are announced to NAPH members when they become available. Just before the annual NAPH conference, they are all aggregated into the annual issue. The deadline for submission for the 2024 issue is March 1st , 2024. Please submit articles and conference reports to the me, at Book reviews may be submitted to the book review editor, Laura Wiseman at You can find submission instructions relating to article length, format and use of references here: BOOK%20REVIEWS.pdf?dl=0


For any questions, you are welcome to get in touch with me by email and I will get back to you promptly. Nitza Krohn Editor

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